Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit

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Holy Spirit Lutheran Cemetery

Holy Spirit Lutheran Cemetery

422 Feura Bush Road, Glenmont, NY


Schedule of Charges
Effective May 15, 2015

$ 850.00        per grave

Price includes perpetual care and lot markers

Standard:        $ 750.00
Cremated Remains:    $ 400.00

Cost for winter interment extra depending on winter conditions.
25% down payment required for purchasing a lot - balance must be paid in full within one year.
At the time of interment, grave must be paid for in full.


Terms of Sale of Lots

   Perpetual care shall not be construed as applying to the repair or replacement of monuments, markers, fences, or any other such objects in or about any lot.

   A deed signed by the President of the congregation and by the Cemetery Superintendent and bearing the corporate seal of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit shall be issued to purchaser when the price of the lot is paid in full.
If not paid for in full within one year, all payments will be refunded and sales agreement canceled.

   It shall be recognized that a deed to any lot in the cemetery confers only an easement, conveying not ownership of the land but only the right of interment subject to the rules of the cemetery and the State of New York.



   The Superintendent shall act as the agent of the Congregation in the sale of lots.

   The Superintendent shall also have the final word on the erection of any monuments or other stone or metal work in the Cemetery, together with the planting of shrubbery or trees.
None of the foregoing may be erected, installed or planned without permission.
He shall also have the power to trim or remove any object in or about the lot, whichin his opinion, is unsafe or a hinderance to proper maintenance or a detriment to a neighboring lot or to the cemetery as a whole.
He also eill have the right to remove all unsightly flowers at his discretion.

   It is the policy of Holy Spirit Cemetery that a court order is needed for the removal of any remains within the cemetery to another cemetery or even to relocate to another area within Holy Spirit Cemetery.

All flowers will be removed as follows:
Winter by April 15th
Summer by October 1st


We believe that the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit of Albany has one of the lovliest small cemeteries in the area.
Pre-planning of burial arrangements eliminates hassle, anxiety and the emotional trauma of having to make hasty decisions alone.
Those who would like to purchase lots should contact:

Michael D. Conti
Cemetery Superintendent
481 Route 9W
Glenmont, NY 12077
(518) 275-7334 (cell)

The cemetery is governed by
The Evangelical Lutheran Church
of the Holy Spirit, 57 Hurlbut St.
Albany, NY 12209
(518) 463-6224

The Rev. David W. Preisinger